Tips for Brushing Your Teeth Effectively

Keeping your smile healthy and cavity-free starts with good brushing techniques

Brushing your teeth may seem as commonplace as brushing your hair or taking a shower but you may be a bit surprised to hear that a little more work goes into getting your teeth cleaned, so don’t go into autopilot when you pick up your toothbrush. From the office of your ToothbrushAdairsville, GA dentist Dr. Todd Edwards, here are some ways to make sure you are getting the best clean from your daily brushing.

Good Brushing Techniques

Do you know how to hold your toothbrush? If you said at a 45-degree angle then you would be absolutely correct. This will ensure that the bristles reach not only the tooth’s surface but also under the gumline where food and plaque can easily get trapped.

Once you have your toothbrush at a 45-degree angle be sure that you get all surfaces of each tooth: outer, inner and the crown/chewing surface. Having trouble figuring out how to clean the inner surface of the front teeth? No problem. Just turn the brush vertically and use an up-and-down motion to really make sure that you keep your teeth clean and free of plaque.

Lastly, don’t forget to brush your tongue. It can be one of the most forgotten parts about brushing but doing this will remove the bacteria that cause bad breath. Brushing twice a day in for a minimum of two minutes each time following these brushing techniques will certainly boost your oral care regime.

Of course, remember that brushing is only part of the oral hygiene equation and you still need to floss daily, eat healthy meals and see your Adairsville general dentist for routine cleanings and exams.

While having good at-home brushing skills is vitally important it will never take the place of those six-month visits. If it’s time you visited your Adairsville family dentist then call Adairsville Family Dentistry to schedule your next routine cleaning.

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